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  • Best Electronic Skateboard Brands

    A List of The Top Electric Skateboard Brands Every Skater Should Consider In today’s world, we are always looking for greener ways of traveling around town. A good option for people to get around town or just for playing is a battery powered skateboard. Opportunities in the field abound, prices and quality range from only […]

  • Parts of an Electric Skateboard

    Electric skateboards – you can build them yourself or purchase them ready-made. Electronic skateboards allows you to travel faster and with much ease. This guide will walk you through the main parts of an electric skateboard. The Motor Electric skateboards come with a brushless DC motor. The motor is small because the housing of the […]

  • Pick Your Poison

    United we rise and united we fall. The time for games are over. The time to take to the streets and show people what we’re made of us here. Skaters and surfers will join forces and take over the world! LOL all jokes aside.. the time has come, people! LuckySurfAndSkate is up and running. The […]