Best Electronic Skateboard Brands

A List of The Top Electric Skateboard Brands Every Skater Should Consider

In today’s world, we are always looking for greener ways of traveling around town. A good option for people to get around town or just for playing is a battery powered skateboard. Opportunities in the field abound, prices and quality range from only a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. The variety of price tags means you can grab one that fits your budget. Here are a few good options depending on your budget to help you find the best electric skateboard for your needs.

Boosted Plus $1500

Starting on the high end of our list is the Boosted Plus. This skateboard is a full longboard. Some companies refer to this size as a longboard but, this is a standard size for many companies. This model is the heaviest on our list at 17lbs, but that weight comes with a lot of useful features. The Boosted Plus has four different ride modes for whatever skill level you have. This feature is excellent for people that are beginners but, still want a full-sized board that is still very capable. It has a max speed of 22 mph at nearly 14 miles. These figures all depend on the riders weight and the terrain that you are driving over. If you are driving over lots of hills this board can handle it easily but, it will limit your range.

Inboard M1 $600

The Inboard M1 is right in the middle of our price range. This one is a full sized board coming in at ½ inch shorter than the Boosted board. The weight on the M1 is only 14.5 lbs so. You also save some weight with this board. Rider capacity on this one is a fairly standard 250 lbs. Where the Boosted Plus is belt driven, the M1 has dual in wheel motors. It is what the company refers to as a Manta Drive technology. Many reviews have stated that the torque on this model is lower than on geared or belt driven boards. The hidden gem on this board is easy swapped batteries. One battery only has a 7 miles range but, when the battery can be so easily swapped out, you can extend your range to whatever you need it to be. The M1 has three different modes to adjust to your skill level and rounds out the package with a standard app that allows you to control your board from your smartphone.

Razor x Cruiser $240

This model is a basic entry level board. The battery life is only 40 mins with a variable speed controller. The controller is the Cruiser’s way of adjusting to various skill levels of the rider. This feature takes some getting used to operating. Both other boards on this list limit the output of the motor but, this system relies on the rider to have experience. The Razor x Cruiser is also the smallest one on the list coming in at 29.7 inches in length and weighing 10 lbs. This lightweight makes the Cruiser a great board to carry with you. It is highly portable, and you can easily transport it on public transports and in your car.

Parts of an Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards – you can build them yourself or purchase them ready-made. Electronic skateboards allows you to travel faster and with much ease. This guide will walk you through the main parts of an electric skateboard.

The Motor

Electric skateboards come with a brushless DC motor. The motor is small because the housing of the skateboard does not have a brush. A KV ratio can help you choose the ideal motor for your skateboard.

All brushless DC motors have their own KV ratios. The acceptable KV ratio range is between 100 and 300. The KV ratio can also help you determine right rpm for your skateboard. For instance, if you have a battery with 10V and a motor with 100KV, your rpm will be 1000.

The Transceiver

The transceiver is also known as a transmitter or receiver. It is like a remote control that is held in the hands. You can use it to direct the skateboard forward or to brake. The transmitter sends a signal to the receiver, after which it is conveyed to the VESC. There are two types of transceiver that people often use: the Wii Nyko Nunchuck or the RC controller. The receiver is bought separately because the transceiver is merely a remote control.

VESC Control Unit

VESC is an abbreviation for Vedder Electronic Speed Controller. It is a crucial part because it is the one that controls the speed of the motor. If your motor is censored, then it needs a sensor VESC to work. The VESC has a maximum amp (current) and voltage that it can handle. So, before you choose any VESC, make sure that you know the current of the battery that you are planning to use.


Most batteries used for skateboards are made of lithium ion. Lithium is small, light, and affordable. Some skateboards have bigger and heavier lithium batteries to ensure a longer charging time and range. Connecting multiple cells into one battery pack can give you the current and voltage that you require to climb hills and give you top speed.

Anti-Spark Connector

This device is designed to enhance security while you are riding on your electric skateboard. Because the battery is attached directly to other electrical components on the board, if some bad happens, all these components might get damaged. With an anti-spark connector, however, you can be confident that other components will be fine if something wrong happens. The connector is installed between the battery and the rest of the circuit.

Sometimes, the VESC can draw a lot of electrical currents that might be too high for the switch to handle. Therefore, use an anti-spark connector instead of an on-off switch to prevent such problems from occurring.


So, you have a new electric skateboard and you want to ride through the streets without crashing, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the skateboard first, especially if it is your first ride. Other than learning about the parts discussed above, learn the basics first and make sure that you get comfortable with your electric skateboard before you ride.

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